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Posted: December 9th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Pineapple has long known characteristics that support the fight against excess kilograms and centimeters, as significantly speeds up the metabolism, and in addition this is a very tasty fruit. Pineapple diet is not very radical, does not require great sacrifices, but it gives surprisingly good results, because after four days of application, you can lose about 2 pounds.

It is very important that we are aware of that the whole time we’re talking about fresh pineapples, and not those that can be purchased at stores in cans filled with syrup, which contains large amounts of sugar and is very caloric. Regardless of the food, you can also prepare yourself pineapple juice to drink and eat it sliced as a snack. A day at the pineapple diet should consist of the following sample meals: breakfast is always something light and lean, it can be a glass of pineapple juice, for lunch, you can even give a refreshing fruit salad, or fruit – vegetables, such as celery, meat dishes such poultry and baked in the oven with pineapple, or veal schnitzel, also with the addition of pineapple.

For dinner, you can make salads or omelets, as well as dishes with goat cheese croutons with pineapples and hot toasts. You have to remember that the amount of calories in prepared food does not exceed 450 calories for lunch and 300 calories for dinner. In this way we will see positive results very quickly.

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