Diet of the steamer

Posted: November 29th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Steamer is a device, which is relatively rarely encountered in our country, as well as rarely we come across dishes prepared with it.

This is an obvious mistake, because the steaming dishes made, that we can keep their natural, intense flavor, and of course the colors that often change themselves during frying. With steamer can safely get rid of the salt or at least significantly reduce its use and thus make a gift to his heart, the device perfectly brings out the flavor of all the spices that we add during preparation. It is very important also that the hand-made dishes do not require added fat, sometimes only to taste, you can add a bit of olive oil, which is much more healthy than other fats and provides a large amount of important for us to unsaturated fatty acids.

Steamer dishes are recommended for everyone, there is no impediment for them, as they can help in many problem related to diet, such as constipation. A typical daily of the steamer primarily consist in dinners and suppers cooked by steaming, so for example, poultry, fish, or even more fatty meats such as pork, cooked in a steamer, along with potato

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