Diet of a blood group

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Although it sounds strange, the diet can be selected in terms of our blood group. This is what it is because in it, it is saved what foods and in what proportions will serve us the best.

Diet of a blood group

Diet according to blood group  not give superb results, like, for example, starvation, but it allows a gradual and consistent losing weight, and reduces the likelihood of unwanted yo-yo effect. There are four basic human blood types: A, B, AB and 0 and for each other nutritionists have developed a menu.

Group A is a person who should not eat meat at all, and if this is not possible, they should limit their consumption, foe these people are recommended fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and fishes, but unfortunately it is necessary to often take products included iron.

Blood type B means a person who is susceptible to problems with the immune system, which requires adequate nutrition to maintain overall health, we particularly recommend the lamb and the meat of wild animals, as well as dairy products such as kefir and cottage cheese, vegetables, and green tea to drink. These people definitely should not eat poultry, nuts, or wild rice.

Group AB consists of people who badly digest meat, so they should reduce consumption of meat, especially red. They should invest in vegetarian food. Blood group 0 consists of carnivores, who tend to put on weight due to hormonal problems, so they should take a lot of iodine in vegetables and use iodized salt.

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