Diet for working at night

Posted: December 8th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Although it may seem a bit odd, people who work at night, should adapt their diet to their working hours.

Important here are the appropriate amount of calories that they are included in food, but also the regularity and the spacing between them, as the nocturnal and sleep during the day when the wrong nutrition can very quickly lead to considerable weight gain and all the problems that it brings together. Therefore, all the people working at night should use this diet and within it, eat no more than the recommended amount of calories, so about 1200 for the person who works mentally and at least 1500 in the case of people working physically, the more calories we eat the more exhausting is work.

Food in the diet of people with nocturnal lifestyle should be eaten every three hours, so if, for example, get up after a dream about 14.00, and then we eat our first breakfast, the latter should eat around 17.00, and our dinner should take place in the vicinity of 20.00. Of course, dinner should be scheduled for three hours later, and after it should no longer be under any circumstances eat any large meals. It is extremely important to watch to consume less carbohydrates, such as bread, rice or pasta, the later is the time, and vice versa, the later the more should be in our protein meals in the form of lean meat and products with a low fat content.

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