Diet for the winter

Posted: December 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

It is absolutely clear thing that our bodies have different requisition for calories during the winter and summer season.

winter diet

In the winter we have a bigger appetite, which is caused by our body’s reaction to low temperatures, but if we indulge too much in winter and will be always full, soon we will feel in the old pants the button doesn’t want to clasp, and it will be only the beginning of real trouble with unwanted centimeters and kilograms.

For those few winter months, to spring do not look at ourselves in the mirror with terror, it is essential to significantly reduce the consumption of products such as white bread, butter, thick soup with cream, sweets and fried meat. Meanwhile, the diet should include, for example, fish and lean meat, vegetables and fruits, cereals, bran and brown bread, we also cannot forget about kefir, buttermilk yogurt, which are the source of probiotics for our bodies, probiotics which are needed during the time when our resistance can be significantly weakened. In fruits and vegetables we will also find vitamins which are needed to stay healthy, so do not forget to adjoin them to our diet meals.

During cold days diet should be followed by six days, during which one can get rid of unwanted pounds, which is not very large database, it can be repeated for several weeks, of course, constantly checking to see if there are any adverse effects of it. It is recommended to healthy people, but strongly discouraged during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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