Diet for the active man

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More and more men for the sake of your health and appearance of the body decides to lead an active lifestyle.

Diet for the active man

These activities should be combined with the adequate diet, containing large amounts of proteins in the form of lean meat and which do not provide too much fat, consists of five meals a day, providing in total about 2800 calories. The vast majority of those calories, as many as over 1000 falls on the most important meal of the day, or dinner, for active men that nutritionists suggest, for example, red meat with thick sauces and buckwheat, or brown rice may also be a dinner potatoes, but only cooked, definitely there is no French fries, which are just as unhealthy as tasty.

Of course there is one constant diet that would be good for each active man, for example, your calorie intake should depend on the type and intensity of cultivated sports, because other calories requirement will be observed in a man who practiced three times a week Nordic walking, and other course of the diet will be planned for one who practices every day at the gym, or playing basketball.

Diet must provide all of the components that wear out quickly during intense physical training and cannot be only “eating more”, in the case of these men, who work very hard, it is necessary, the selection of a diet that provides a steady supply of potassium and magnesium, electrolytes, which can easily get rid of the effort.

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