Diet for stop smoking

Posted: December 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Smokers outside the obvious addiction to nicotine have got one another argument against giving up smoking, because in most cases, discontinuation of cigarettes is associated with an immediate weight gain.

Diet for stop smoking

Of course there is a special diet after the first task is to prevent sudden weight gain, and the second, but not least, improve the appearance of skin, which after a long smoking usually looks very bad. Such diet should last for about 3 to 4 weeks and the effect is that compensates for possible weight gain after withdrawal of cigarettes, and even enable weight loss of 1 kilogram per week.

Especially a lot of the nutrition program contains antioxidant vitamins, namely A, C and E, as well as B vitamins and trace elements. Daily limit of consumed calories amounts about 1200. This is probably the only diet that doesn’t prohibit snacking between meals, and even encourages it, because people who are addicted to nicotine after they give up smoking will have a big problem among others, in order to what do with hands that were previously accustomed to holding a cigarette.

For this reason, slowly snacking during the day is allowed, but of course the snacks should include fruits and vegetables. Typical meals should consist of, for example, sandwiches with margarine and cheese or tomato, lean meats with groats or brown rice, without the thick cream sauces, as well as a variety of salads, fruits and vegetables, for example, Greek, spring, or tomatoes with mozzarella.

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