Diet for stomach ulcers

Posted: December 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Gastric ulcers are often caused by damage to mucous membrane covering the organ from the inside, as well as the action of hydrochloric acid, which usually on this occasion is secreted in excessive amounts.

Diet for stomach ulcers

In the past, on this ailment often fell ill older people, whereas now they are not like ordinary young people who suffer because of this illness. Irregular meals, a lot of of “junk food”, a small amount of sleep, excessive stress and economic activity are all factors that can lead to symptoms such as persistent heartburn, acid reflux after eating, sharp pains in the stomach, as well as constipation, the signals telling us that the stomach is down and it is necessary to be tested, even if it appears that the cause of the problems are not sores, you might want to take care of your own health to give the stomach from time to time a break by using a special diet.

It is full of easily digestible food that will not irritate the stomach wall. The most common means of helping to treat ulcers is the juice of raw potatoes. A lot of people who heard about this substance knocked his head, but its beneficial effects and high efficacy have been confirmed many times. On this diet you can also eat skim milk and its products, cook soft-boiled eggs, lean stew meat, cooked by steaming instead of frying in oil, as well as avoid meat, even the skinny instead of fishes, which are very healthy.

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