Diet for blues

Posted: December 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This diet is of course applied more often during the autumn, when the days getting shorter and the weather quickly perishable with the knowledge of the coming winter, and a period of increased incidence of flu and other illnesses, they can give us a pretty hard time.

Not without a reason many people said about “autumn depression”, which reveals a lack of energy, apathetic, problems with getting out of bed and just to deal with these symptoms, though of course not only the autumn season, the diet was the blues. This is a true vitamin cocktail, that is suitable for everyone, because it contains large amounts of natural vitamins and other ingredients that we can breathe a new life into us. The base, of course, are fruits, the day we can start with orange juice with grapefruit or fruit cocktail, such as a banana mixed with natural yoghurt, which gives us energy. Then we should eat a quick meal or lunch or a little later and should be submitted to him, for example, light brown bread sandwiches with lean chicken sausage and vegetables (lettuce, tomato, cucumber) or a salad with avocado, or another with vegetables or fish.

Daily meals should end up around 17.00, and certainly no later than 18.00 by eating thick soup – cream of vegetable with brown bread toast. In the course of this diet, very important is the economy of fluids in the body, so you should drink plenty of water and fruit juices, preferably freshly squeezed.

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