Diet for apple-shapes

Posted: December 9th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Apple body type is characterized by well-shaped hands, while the wrists and arms are relatively fragile. Chest in the people with this construction of the body reaches a large size, which gives the appearance of a heavy silhouette.

These are the parts of the body where most apples put on weight, even just one can most easily lose extra pounds. The principle of dieting for a person with this type of body building should be eating a few (4 – 5) food containing large amounts of whole grains per day.

Because such products contain fiber, which helps speed up the metabolism and burning fat set aside in a very rounded body parts. In addition it helps to be health because women who have enough of big bellies, usually also complain of hypertension and high values of the problems of “bad” cholesterol. You should also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits that will give a feeling of fullness, without providing the body with additional servings of fat that could be put in it.

It is also worth to occasionally incorporate into your diet nuts, pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds, because these ingredients have got a good impact on the cardiovascular system. In order to achieve better results next diet should also decide on the exercise, especially such as 6 Wieder, aerobic which helps flatten the tummy too large, as well as activities such as running and cycling.

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