Diet fighting the constipations

Posted: December 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

It is estimated that constipations are the problem that affects every fourth man, and even one out of two women. Its reasons include the fast lifestyle that we do not have enough time for it to eat slowly, nourish only valuable meals rich in vegetables and meals that were always at roughly similar times of the day.

The medication for what the Poles usually used are mostly herbs and medicines from pharmacies, which adds you can still watch on the TV. It is a serious mistake, firstly because these measures only fight the symptoms of constipation, not their effects, and secondly because you can not always take them, because after some time, they can cause very unpleasant side effects.

It is much better to deal with this problem by means of the diet, which should consist primarily most foods high in dietary fiber and thus the natural vegetables, we should also drink large amounts of beverages, mineral water, preferably approximately 3 liters per day. Fiber binds the water, increasing the volume of stool, blood flow acts improve the intestines and have got very positive impact on their motility. During a slimming diet should therefore become an essential part of your diet, because it gives you a feeling of saturation, accelerate intestinal peristalsis, as well as minimizing the use of energy from food.

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