Diet after holidays

Posted: December 8th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Perhaps we all know and experience it at least twice a year. First couple days of Christmas, filled with visiting relatives and extended family, and everywhere generously pledged different food tables and a sense that the host be offended if you do not try to be everything.

And then an amazing feeling of heaviness, a full stomach, heartburn and a thousand other problems associated with the fact that for a few days our digestive system was subjected to extreme overloads associated with the amount of food consumed and their calories. Therefore, it is necessary to give your stomach and liver a rest, preferably, of course, with the proper diet. Firstly, you need some time to get rid of much of what has hosted in excess of the Christmas table, especially fats and sugar.

Limit sweetened coffee and tea, avoid carbonated and sugary drinks, forget for a week or preferably for two that there are such things as sweets, cakes etc. Necessity in our menu is the lack of fat, meats and sausages, instead of which we introduce lean, e.g. ham and turkey breast or chicken legs and fish.

Our body will need huge amounts of fiber to cope with totally unnecessary fat and sugar stocks, which is why we need to eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables that are full of fiber. Peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, and apples, pears, and various citrus fruits are our best allies on the road to recovery with the Christmas gluttony.

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