Diet 800 calories

Posted: December 9th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This very radical diet, limiting eating and supplied energy by them, to just one third the daily requirement was to be the perfect panacea for weight gain and for all those people who persevere in the order and do not eat more than what is allowed, the reward was be a quick weight loss.

But it turned out differently – this diet burnout very quickly by the body and its use for too long can be dangerous even for normal, healthy people. Unfortunately, this is a completely ineffective diet due to a mechanism by which the body operates. When in fact we can starve resources lead to burning fat, diet after our brain decides that we should immediately rebuild “eaten” their fat reserves, which will be constantly hungry, and consequently will be more to eat and our weight and body shape very quickly will become very far from ideal.

Instead of completely ineffective diet it is better to sacrifice the use of diet 1500 calories, which is much better, because thanks to its application in practice there is no annoying yo-yo effect. As a result, unfortunately, it is very easy to fall into a vicious cycle of permanent weight loss, and then quickly return to the previous weight, which caused a very bad effect on the body and can lead us to a variety of diseases. This diet is not already recommended by anyone and we can probably safely say that the days of its greatest glory are gone.

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