Diet 1500 calories

Posted: December 9th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Although this diet it is richer than 1000 calories diet only about 500 and than 1200 calories  diet, from a diet of even less value, this diet as opposed to those not already associated with such a great effort for the body, which has to deal with the operation at full speed when he gets half , or even less, the daily energy requirements.

1500 calories is the optimum number, which on the one hand provides “fuel” for our cells, on the other hand is so low that it is not only what you put down, but the body is forced to burn inventories, which hung in the form of extra inches on belly, thighs or bottom. Although weight loss can be quite slow, about 1 kilogram per week, or even a little less, but it can be continued for a period of several weeks, without unnecessary concerns about how this time will impact on our body.

During this few weeks it is necessary to after eating five regular meals a day and drink to two liters of carbonated water. 1500 calories diet can deliver even better results if it is combined with physical activity, such as daily running or cycling, what forces the body to even greater efforts and consequently will burn even more than unnecessary fat. As for the same diet, it is so soft, that after the end of it, many people still stay on the diet.

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