Delayed flight – the obligations of the carrier

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Both aircraft and airlines are not foolproof, and unfortunately, but it happens that the flight will be delayed. Bearing in mind the interests of passengers, the European Union protects its specific provisions. Both in terms of flight cancellations as well as delays.

matt.hintsa / photo on flickr

matt.hintsa / photo on flickr

You should know that the carrier is required to provide care to passengers if the flight is delayed for a specified period of time. There are two hours in the event of further flights (up to 1500 km), three hours for longer (more than 1,500 in 1500-3500 within the EU or outside the EU hp) or 4 hours in other cases. What part of the care that must provide the carrier to its passengers? First of all, drinks and meals, transport to accommodation if necessary, and if you have to wait out the night we even cover the cost of accommodation. In addition, we have the right to free use of means of communication (telephone, email, fax).

If the flight is delayed for more than five hours we have the right to resign from our flights, and the carrier must pay us the cost of tickets. In addition, in certain cases, we may seek compensation if we reach for more than three hours later than it did occur as planned. However, we do not receive compensation unless the airline can prove that the delay was due to no fault of their own. The rules established by the carrier we can study at any time and do not need to know them by heart. Just go to the check-in and ask for a printout, which will contain all the information you need.

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