Complaints and amendments, and the bankruptcy of the developer

Posted: September 10th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Developer Companies that sell homes are not eternal. It may happen that the company will go down. Apartments are also not eternal and free from defects and it may happen that you will want to make a complaint or need a fix. Who to follow in the event of a fall of developer?

blinkingidiot / photo on flickr

blinkingidiot / photo on flickr

Theoretically, we should be guided by the developer. Except, if he has previously filed for bankruptcy, and to enforce anything from it will be very difficult, if not impossible. So this option is unlikely to be realized. However, it is known that the site developer creates a residential community, which is often also a member of the developer, whose duty is to take care of the property in common.

Members of the community must take care of all the property in proportion of  shares held by them. Technical Corrections and complaints should be reported in this case to the community that somehow takes over the responsibilities of the developer and probably will be able to help us. They are not always able to enforce what we should do and sometimes a lot less time and nerves are lost if you can find a professional who possibly can make improvements and repairs that we need. We will have to pay for it out of the pocket, but sometimes it is a better option than chasing and writing multiple reports.

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