Commercial rent – what is it?

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In 2013, it is less and less people eager to take out a mortgage, especially without the program Family on its own, which was a great support for people who want to have their own accommodation. Unfortunately, without this support and the growing problems in the labor market will to buy housing is decreasing.

seier+seier / photo on flickr

seier+seier / photo on flickr

In many countries around the world there is a developed market of rental housing. It is based on the fact that landlords are communities in Poland they are called housing associations (TBS). The main task is to provide rental units for people with average earnings for a decent, affordable price. The disadvantage is certainly a lack of ownership of the premises, so in case of death of the tenants cannot be bequeath. However, you can transfer the lease apartments to relatives of the deceased on the basis of Art. 691 Civil Code speaking at a glance that the people who actually lived in such a place may request a further renting.

Commercial rent is characterized by a relatively small fee for the rental, which are much smaller than the popular substances. Unfortunately, due to the low popularity of this type of construction in Poland it is quite hard to get an apartment. In order to apply, two conditions must be met. First, the person requesting the premises may not have ownership of other residential properties in the same locality. Secondly, cannot exceed a certain income. Ratio is 1.3 of the average monthly salary cannot exceed more than 20% in a single household, 80% of households of two or 80%, and an additional 40% for each person over two, in the case of multiple household.

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