Coffee scrub

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Peeling made from the grounds of coffee has anti-cellulite effect, as well as smoothing. However, caffeine has firming and slimming properties. There are many receipts on how to preapare a scrub with coffee. The best is to choose on your own the most suitable one.

cgfan / photo on flickr

cgfan / photo on flickr

Coffee grounds can be finely mixed with salt or coarse, with baby oil either olive oil, with a handful of cinnamon to make peeling. This scrub can be used twice a week. After its use, the body should be thoroughly lubricated with lotions that will model, or thinner your silhouette. By using the peels of coffee, the skin is smooth, wonderfully moisturized and beautifully scented. Coffee stimulates skin and senses. Peeling made of coffee helps stimulate blood circulation, makes your skin perfectly smoothed, as well as it improves the color of skin.

All exfoliating ingredients can be mixed thoroughly in a vessel before application. Peeling before the bath must be applied in circular movements, and as a massage. Later, you should refresh your body warm bath and continue to massage your skin wih the scrub during bathing circular movements. While making a peeling pay special attention to irritated or injured places and do not touch them. Coffe scrub can be applied on body and handd. It can also be applied on the face, but in small quantities and very gently so as not to cause skin irritation.

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