Clothes and accessories that are worth investing in

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There is a group of clothes and accessoriesof the best quality, which will serve us for years and never be outdated. There is no sense to spend money on clothes with flimsy quality that after one washing in the washing machine will just discolor. We suggest therefore, in which clothes and accessories it is worth to invest. For sure, the jeans.

Βethan / photo on flickr

Βethan / photo on flickr

Certainly you have in your closet a few pairs, but are they with good quality, and most importantly, fit to your figure? It is does not pays off to save on jeans. They will always be fashionable and fit almost any occasion. However, if you are going to invest in them, select the classic straight leg and no-frills or decorations. Simple styling will fit every type  of body and never will be unfashionable. If you want a zip cardigan with high quality of material, choose cashmere. Excellent item of clothing on every season, you will feel warm and its perfect both for winter frosts and cool summer evenings. You can wear it on both the T-shirt, as well as meaty golf, well it will look great both stretched and freely draped over the shoulders.

But remember to choose a sweater in a neutral  color that will blend in well with the rest of your wardrobe – black, navy blue, gray. In your closet there should be included some elegant clothes, too – white shirt, well-cut, black jacket, pencil skirt or elegant pants. Useful to both official meetings and on other occasions, you can still wear white shirt with jeans or jacket put on a T-shirt or top. Invest in classic, simple, leather bag in a neutral color.  You’ll wuickly realize that it will become your constant companion.  It may also be useful to versatile dress for special occasions.

Invaluable will always be fashionable little black dress with a classic, simple cut.  You do not need to worry that you show up in the same outfit for a few times.  Little Black Dress is timeless and appreciated in almost every occassion. And this is thanks skillfully selected additives. For more capricious weather wear it with trench coat. This version is higly appreciated in the fashion world.  When choosing a coat you need to pay attention whether it perfectly fits your figure, or you will throw money down the drain.

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