Closing a bank account

Posted: August 15th, 2013 | Author: | Money

The elimination of almost every bank account and release from it is not easy. Let’s start with the fact that in general, the notice period is up to 30 days, the whole month. Not only that, this time may be charged for account maintenance or other handling fees that we have to pay, otherwise the account would simply remain open and will generate additional fees, which although small, it can accumulate.

Tony Webster / photo on flickr

Tony Webster / photo on flickr

Before closing the account there must be collected from the bank any money paid stored on the account. This also applies to savings accounts when they are connected to the main current accounts because you may find that the interest will be credited to our account, which will prevent its closure. The final step after you reset your account and wait the required time is to go to the bank branch and check if everything was successful. Sometimes, the account remains open due to the fault of the bank tardiness, and sometimes because of some oversight, and unfortunately still charges may apply. Unless of course you can avoid fees and, ultimately, to go with them to the court, it is not pleasant and it’s much better to do the job safely and save yourself unnecessary stress.

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