Cleaning up after every bath

Posted: July 3rd, 2013 | Author: | Cleaning

Stubborn sediments left in bathtubs, footbaths, showers, dirty mirrors, scale on taps and valves are particularly persistent types of dirt that you have to struggle with while cleaning.

Photo credit: HaoJan / / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: HaoJan / / CC BY-NC

To clean up efficiently, it is advisable to precisely plan ahead what you are going to do and then try out some proven cleaning products that will make the job easier. It is also worth throwing out old or expired cosmetics and their packages, as it is no longer safe to use them and they can lead to infections or skin allergies. While you clean up and take all cosmetics from shelves or cabinets, you might as well wipe off and clean the dust, grease and dirt that accumulated in those places, which are often neglected.For such a purpose you can use various cleaning products that prevent the dust from accumulating. If you want to easily remove scale that originated from water or soap, you can use ecological products designed for cleaning various surfaces in a bathroom.

Moreover, such products are gentle to the skin and do not cause irritation and therefore can be used by people with allergies, or by people who are particularly sensitive to substances found in conventional detergents. During the last stage of cleaning, you should take care of washing the floors. You can use a mop with a spongy tip, which is perfectly suited for washing tiles.

However, you must also note that from time to time you need to scrub the floor. This can be done with a scrubbing brush. When washing the tiles on floors and walls, appropriate products may come in handy. Try to use universal products that are effective and do not require you to put too much effort into cleaning while leaving no dirt or smudges on the surface.

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