Cleaning in closets and shelves

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Cleaning up the closets should be done regularly to prevent large amounts of dust,  moisture or even clothes moths from gathering. Throw away any old, unused or too small items, so that they don’t take up unnecessary space on the shelves.

Photo credit: striatic / / CC BY

Photo credit: striatic / / CC BY

Unused things can be given to the poor, who need every support. Kids’ stuff kept at home may eventually take up large amount of space in the house. If they are not kept in order, they will create a mess. Therefore it is crucial to systematically sort your things and create appropriate space for them, depending on their purpose, in order t avoid creating a mess. It is important that each household member has a designated place for keeping all his/her stuff; it is best if it is a wardrobe or a dressing room.

If you need to strictly allocate the space at your house, you need to define the area for each member of the family. Every-day clothing, coats, shoes can be stored in the vestibule or in a hall. Wet and dirty clothes require a hanger and open shelves. Clothes can also be stored in closed wardrobes, cabinets, however only if they are ventilated. All family members should have their own wardrobes and shelves.

You should also think about additional hangers and places for shoes, in case guests come in. Often the mess can be created with disorderly arranged scarves, hats and gloves. These clothing items can be stored in a vestibule, or a chest of drawers located in the hall. Outer clothing and shoes used only occasionally in the season can be stored in a closet or in the dressing room located in the most common area. Things we put on most often, i.e. underwear, favorite blouses, shirts, skirts, or suits can be placed in a closet or in the dressing room, located in or near the bedroom, or next to the bathroom.

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