Christmas Shopping Online – Safety rules

Posted: August 14th, 2013 | Author: | Accessories

Christmas shopping is coming. Many of us, in order to avoid bustle of the shops and the mile-long queues, opting for virtual shopping. However, the internet is full of unpleasant obstacles. Learn more about how to overcome them, and shop safe for Christmas. First of all, beware of e-mails you receive.

striatic / photo on flickr

striatic / photo on flickr

Do not click on any advertising  especially if it comes from an unknown source.  By going to the link, , it may actually install the software on your PC that can steal your valuable passwords. The same is true for  Web sites that you use as the search engine. Before clicking on the link, make sure that it does not send you to any suspicious website. Before you click on the link, move the coursor around it. If the URL seem a little suspicious, do not go there.

Use only services of best online stores. To do this, you can seek advice of friends, or read reviews of the Internet shop. During the holiday season, have a limited confidence even to your friends. Your friend may unknowingly send you a malicious link, because he did not realize that their computer has been infected. Before you click on a link sent by a friend, indicating great Christmas promotions, ask yourself, if you are sure that he or she might send an email to you about such things. If in doubt,  Just ask them if he or she sent you the message. If not, suggest him to thoroughly scann their computer, since it may be attacked by some malware.

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