Christmas home lighting – creative ideas

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You can decorate beautifully, not only Christmas trees, but the whole house and garden. We provide the most interesting ideas on how to make your home a real Christmas decoration. As regards the lighting outside the house, good, creative idea are lanterns made of snow. The idea is very simple, yet effective.

kevin dooley / photo on flickr

kevin dooley / photo on flickr

To perform such  lit snow, you will need to cake forms made of steel, preferably in different sizes, candles conventional or LED, sprinkler and matches. The method of making such lanterns is very simple; just like you would make it from sand: fill the form with  snow, and gave it a whisk. Then turn the pot upside down and hit it. Snow should be out in one piece, so if that does not happen, you have to repeat the step . So cut the wick of a candle that  the flame will be small. Set  candle  in the desired location and build the snow around, so it becomes stable. Light a candle. On top place the one after the other Snow form.

To decorate your home’s exterior, you can also use the so-called “rope light” which can be formed into  different shapes. They  will also  look beautifully suspended on trees  in the garden. As for Christmas lighting design, a great idea will be use of different candles, decorated with Christmas-tree branches and reeds, arrayed in different locations around the house. Ideally, it will be scented candles, the aromas, reminiscent of Christmas (cinnamon, orange, or pine). Candles may be in various shapes and colors, the arrangement depends only on your imagination. Christmas atmosphere will help to create all the decorations and creativity.

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