Chip and magnetic cards – a security issue

Posted: August 18th, 2013 | Author: | Money

A few years ago a lot of cards were equipped with a magnetic strip that contains all the necessary data. Today it is difficult to pay without integrated chip card, which apparently is intended to protect against copying card.

Robert Scoble / photo on flickr

Robert Scoble / photo on flickr

Skilful thief will read data from the magnetic stripe card with a special scanner, and then incorporate these data for a completely new, blank sheet. This solution is relatively simple and is one of the most frequently mentioned risks for holders of payment cards. As a result of the operation there is created a duplicate of your card. I would add that it is a duplicate of acting.

Chip cards have protected us from the actions of this type. However, it appears that we are not one hundred percent protected. There is a possibility of using a false terminal in the store that read data from the chip and send them to a blank card. Payment is accepted in the store, so maybe it does not even arouse our suspicions.

The method is rare, because the thief would have to work with the dealer. It is neither difficult nor the way in technical terms, so you might want to know about its existence. Of course, the risk of theft at such a large store or facility belonging to some of the network is so small that there is practically no chance to exist, but it is always good to be aware of these things.

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