Children can watch TV all day – how to reduce it

Posted: August 9th, 2013 | Author: | Children

Television is like a magical picture full of colors sounds, characters and endless adventures. As soon as the little man discovers that world, it is difficult to pull him away from it. Children can spend hours  wide-eyed consuming and experiencing everything they’ll see there.

Big Fat Rat / photo on flickr

Big Fat Rat / photo on flickr

It is the parents’ role  to restrict a little that world to a child, to make him able to distinguish the real world from the box on the wall. Nevertheless, parents must choose which fairies are good to watch for his child. It takes short time to find out what programs are appropriate to the age of the child. Another important step is to determine exactly what amount of time the child can spend on watching TV.

Every mum knows that only consequence can bring law and order, and so here must be a consequence too, and you must not allow your child to manipulate you  while repeating after another program that he will watch just another one. You should sit with your child to watch cartoons and encourage him to talk, about the characters and events. You need to try to make your child to remain a passive spectator, but make him a little to think about whether a character acted properly, ask questions, such as how this situation happened. All all this will make watching TV an active task.

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