Child-raising allowance

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Cash benefits for parental leave are designed for people bringing up a child and the holders of personal care In normal cases, the child-raising allowance is entitled to 24 months maternity leave. However, it can be extended up to 36 months if the person bringing up a child alone or born more than one child at one birth. Parental leave with allowance can be extended further up to 72 months, and only in cases of legitimate disabilities, developmental delay.

dhilung / photo on flickr

dhilung / photo on flickr

The right to benefit lose those who take on parental leave and are staying for less than three months or send the child to the facility, in which will not have to be in person to care (for example, a nursery). Such a person also cannot exceed 60% of their average salary of the previous calendar year are counted remuneration for their work and the provision of various types.

Child-raising allowance has another important limitation. You cannot exceed a certain amount per capita income in the family, otherwise we will not get the benefit. To apply for child-raising allowance, you should apply for Social Security and proof of income from the IRS, and any other evidence to demonstrate compliance with the requirements for receiving benefits.

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