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In cases where the family does not earn much, and has a dependent child, they may apply for child benefit, which will support the household budget, and help with the financial burden, which is associated with having children.

kevin dooley / photo on flickr

kevin dooley / photo on flickr

Child Benefit is due when a child has more than 16 years or even 20 years on condition that he is a student. Another criterion is income per one family member (including children). The shall not exceed a specific amount, which changes every year, so it is best to find the actual amount on the Internet. In addition, the family allowance will be entitled to a disability (considerable or moderate) a child of any age, provided that the disability was established at a time when the child was at the age of entitlement to family allowance. In some cases, no benefits will be paid. First, at the time when the child enters into a marriage unless both spouses are students. Excluded from the right to benefit are  people who reside in residential care or education home, in which the parent does not have to pay for room and board, for example, military schools, orphanages, nursing home, etc.

The benefit varies each year and depends on the number of children. It is worth checking the current value on the Internet. Please, also note that those people raising a child alone will get a double value. To apply for child benefit, you must submit a certificate Social Security and a document from the IRS, which confirms that we do not exceed the maximum income per capita. In addition, it is worth remembering the declarations that may concern us, so for example, a statement about not being married, a death certificate or a divorce or separation if you are applying for benefits as a person raising child alone. If the child is older than 16 years old, you should also be aware that every year you need to provide his schooling certificate, which can be downloaded at the Registry of the educational institution or the dean’s office.

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