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Mandatory car insurance is something that goes back to the drivers every year. Of course, we can simply extend the existing insurance and have peace of mind, but be aware of the fact that most premium will be slightly higher than last year. It is much more profitable to change insurer every year and hope for promotion.

marcp_dmoz / photo on flickr

marcp_dmoz / photo on flickr

A deals in the industry are almost always present. You only need to look for it. This is best done through the Internet and by phone. We should go ahead and use the argument of “In the competition offered me x dollars, are you able to underbid it?”. Insurance companies almost always have some margin for negotiation and it depends on what contract we have just signed a with them.

Promotions constantly change and today you can get discounts, for example, membership of a social network, or just for finding deals online.Of course, do not forget other aspects of the economy in this respect. For example, although it is very pleasant to drive a car with a big engine if it is only used to get to work and shop, it will cost us more money than the public transport.

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