Chargeback – a claim for card payment

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Chargeback often applies to purchases of products or services via the Internet, usually when we do not have physical contact with the seller. Every now and then it happens and everyone experienced having a product other than ordered. Then we have never been delivered the right product or just the company went bankrupt. It happens, unfortunately.

bitzcelt / photo on flickr

bitzcelt / photo on flickr

If paying by card, we are in a much better position than paying cash. For a simple reason, with credit cards we can go back to the place where we bought a product. In this case, the money is taken from the account of the person you hit and come back to us. This is called a chargeback. When you can benefit from this type of complaint? For example, in the above examples. Yet another case is, for example, double-billing you for shop floor terminal payments, which sometimes happens in the event of a network ersaving account every time when we are trying to pay for our purchases. Fortunately you can advertise and it can take several hours, in this case, the seller should contact the supplier of the terminal.

Another example is the recovery of the license fee paid to the card in the event that the services for which we pay did not work. Such ersaving accounts also happen, and fortunately, payment card companies allow us to recover our money. In the claim payment you should directly contact your credit card provider or bank. Internal procedures are very complicated and the staff of these institutions will adapt it to your needs. You should also be careful not to raise chargeback reason. Unjust application often results in the fact that we can be found on the black list and we will never be able to take advantage of this useful service.

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