Celery mask for dehydrated skin

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The problem of many women, especially in adulthood, is that their skin is prone to drying, and it becomes wrinkled and dehydrated.

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Recipe for the celery mask

To prepare masks from celery you will need the following ingredients:
half a celery,
one ripe avocado,
one ripe apple,
one ripe banana,
five tablespoons of multiflorous honey,
three large tablespoons of double cream,
three teaspoons of olive oil.

How to use the mask

Peel carefully the celery, avocado, apple and banana. Grate half of celery and an apple. Mash avocado and banana with a fork in a large deep dish to obtain a homogeneous mass. Add five tablespoons of multiflorous honey, three tablespoons of double cream and three tablespoons of olive oil.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mass. Apply the mask on your face for 20 minutes. After twenty minutes, wash off the mask with warm milk, or spring water. The The mask can also be washed with carbohydrate mineral water, or boiled water, warm or cold. This mask nourishes and moisturizes very dry, flaky skin. Apply gentle moisturizing cream on the cleansed face. The mask is suitable for women of all ages.


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