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Cashback service is the ability to withdraw cash by the person who takes credit cards for purchases. It is worth noting that in this way are called also all types of promotions involving the return of the payment by the account owner. They are two different services.

Fosforix / photo on flickr

Fosforix / photo on flickr

However, we are interested in treating the cashier objectively – as an ATM. Increasingly, we shop in larger stores and most of them give us the opportunity to withdraw cash at any card payments. The amount you can pay is maximum of 200 pounds, but this is a sufficient amount to have in your wallet a little small for quick shopping at your local department store or shopping kiosk fast when he wants us to drink, a snack bar, or a buy a newspaper.

By taking cash in this way we can pay in most major markets. Places where we can take advantage of the cashback has been marked with a label, usually it is in the same place as labels indicating the possibility of credit card payments. It is worth doing before using the service to call the bank hotline and find out whether your bank offers this type of service or rather there is a problem with that.

To take advantage of these services please inform the cashier before payment. Keep in mind, first, that we can pay up to 200 pounds, and secondly, if there is daily limit on card transactions if you have one. The transaction fee is often charged, check it out. Generally, however, is not large, and is much less than, for example, in the ATM of another service provider.

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