Carer’s Benefit

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The family is the basic unit of society and loved ones should always be able to count on each other. Therefore, in Poland there is a carer’s allowance, which provides funding periods during which we have to take care of our loved ones.

Hamed Saber / photo on flickr

Hamed Saber / photo on flickr

Allowance should be at a time when it is necessary for personal care of a sick child under the age of 14, or another family member, provided that at the time of care will reside in the same household. The benefit of this can be used also, when we have custody of the child under the age of 8 in the case of unforeseen closure of schools, day care, or preschool, in the case where a spouse who always takes care of a child is sick and is unable to care or is in a hospital.

There is a strict set of time during which you can retrieve the allowance amounts: up to 60 days per calendar year for a child care up to the age of 8 or sick child under the age of 14. In other cases (family members and older children) time allowance is to a maximum of 14 days per calendar year. The sum of days for both circumstances may not exceed a total of 60 days per year.

Circumstances excluding us from receiving benefits occur when we reserve the right to remuneration for work (for example, we’re on vacation). You will not get the benefits of this type when you are on sick leave, or are temporarily unable to work, etc. The benefit is similar to sick leave and is 80% of the base salary. To be eligible for receiving the amount necessary to claim social security, you need doctor’s statement INVALID print and print our application for Social Security Z-15.

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