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Payment by credit card via the Internet is a very convenient way to pay for your purchases or different services. Often, however, in the description of such payments appears sentence that it can be done by credit card. How to do it?

Robert Scoble / photo on flickr

Robert Scoble / photo on flickr

Begin to differentiate the types of cards. Generally each card, with which you can make the payment in one way or another we call the credit card. Credit cards are cards that have a special account with the credit limit, which is repaid at some predetermined rules. The debit cards are credit cards that are added to bills such as saving account. Less common and practically no longer used are so-called charge cards. The principle can be compared to the phone for a subscription. We make these transactions, and at the end of the month comes the bill that must be paid.

Another, more common type of card is a prepaid card. It is based on the fact that the first we pay  into a bill, and then we can use our money. Which of them can we pay online? Practically speaking all of them. It all depends on the institution that issued the card. Best if we ask the bank employee if this card will be able to pay via  the Internet.

Of course, doing the shopping, you can also pay by bank transfer, but there are online payment methods that are supported only by the card. Therefore, if you anticipate the possibility to choose the card you will be able to pay on the Internet. In practice, such a possibility either is or it is not possible. Do not recognize the card sharing on credit and debit cards or convex, and more. Everything depends only on the card issuer.


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