Car abroad – liability insurance in the EU

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When you travel abroad by car you must take into account different traffic regulations. Frequently traveling to the European Union and the easiest way is to generalize the rules. By choosing destinations different than EU  you need to be prepared for different road regulations.

Hamed Saber / photo on flickr

Hamed Saber / photo on flickr

A collision can happen anywhere. It is important to always carry your up-to-date liability insurance policy. We’ll need this not only in the event of breakage, but also during the inspection by the policy. To navigate through the European Union countries do not need any additional documents. However, it is worth thinking about what to do in case of car accident. In most countries, the rules are the same as in our country, so we don’t have to call the police. However, there may be language barriers and misunderstanding. Therefore, the form of the claim should be in Polish and English. In addition, if you do not know the language, you should not under any circumstances sign a document. If you cannot cope with communication, you should call the police to help in finding the guilty and the completion of all formalities.

If you want to apply for compensation, you should contact the Insurance Guarantee Fund on your return home. It will help you to contact the Polish representative of the company to which we should direct their claims. If there is such a representative, you should contact the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau, which will play its role. However, if you’re going outside the EU, you should remember that to a large extent you will not be able to rely on the OC, and the entire process will be difficult. Therefore, in addition to viewing individual regulations for your country, you should be equipped with the AC policy.

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