Grill on Your Balcony?

Posted: August 29th, 2012 | Author: | BBQ

Grilling on balconies is not legally prohibited, but it may disturb the inhabitants. Municipal police or fire brigade do not have competences to punish the grilling people and they cannot intervene in this case, since there is no corresponding law.

However, if the grilling people drink alcohol, litter or disturb the peace they can be punished. Municipal police or fire-fighters do not have access to apartments, if there is no fire. But in public places they can intervene if the grill or campfire are burning too close to buildings (less than five meters) or forest (less than 100 meters). Having received claims concerning grilling municipal police can arrive and rebuke the grilling people.

Such cases can also be reported to the building administration. If there are certain regulations prohibiting grilling on balconies, then the tenants should be aware that there may be negative consequences of their behaviour.

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