Cambridge Diet

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This is another diet that was created for the modern inhabitants of large cities, who live in perpetual stress and hurry, do not have time to search for hard-products and for these people who in the kitchen wants to be as short as possible, while not agree to put on weight and want to maintain a healthy figure despite their lifestyle.

Cambridge Diet

Cambridge Diet is essentially eating from bags, that you can prepare in a few minutes at any location equipped with a microwave, or in an ordinary kettle. Meals should be eaten 3 times a day, and the energy value of each of them should not exceed 500 calories. Such a diet can be used for a period of three weeks, after which our daily diet must include again normal food to compensate for the deficiencies of certain nutrients, which there aren’t in dishes in bags.

Cambridge Diet beyond a reasonable doubt is an effective diet, which allows to achieve very good results of weight loss on the level of 2.5 pounds per week, but it has also its disadvantages, which include without a reasonable doubt frequently headaches, which, however, are characteristic for the early phase of this diet and after some time they passing by.

This type of diet is not recommended for people with health problems, it should not be used by pregnant women, young people, contraindications included also diseases connected with heart and circulatory system, digestive ailments, and urinary tract, as well as diabetes.

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