Building holiday real estate – what and how?

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Owning a house or other real estate only to relax during the holidays is the dream of many of us. The most common places for this purpose are, of course, the sea coast, or around Lakeland mountains. It should, however, know how to get the property from the ground up, or build it on your own.

Werner Kunz / photo on flickr

Werner Kunz / photo on flickr

Let’s start by saying that if you want to buy land and build your own house, you should be interested in the offices of individual municipalities, in particular land use plans. It tells us, first, that we can  put around our house and if in the near future there will be investment realized that could reduce (or increase) the value of our investments. If the municipality does not seem to have this information, which unfortunately happens quite often, especially in smaller communities, we should ask the government (the mayor or president) to give us the description of the area.

We must be aware that with building holiday home may be related to much higher costs than in the case of construction of a dwelling house. Firstly, the most interesting parts of the world are often very expensive, and secondly we have to pay property tax, which, unfortunately, is associated with higher fees than a residential home. We should also pay attention to the cost of supply of electricity and water, which can also be significant. Once we purchase the land, we must apply to the competent authority for planning permission. Depending on the location of the land should apply to either the mayor or the governor. The application for a building permit should be accompanied by a draft.

Another expense is the purchase of a project which prices start at around one thousand pounds, and may even reach several thousand. It should be noted that the holiday house is a completely different purpose than the usual flat and therefore, for example, it is good to have a larger number of small guest bedroom, a larger living room or kitchen. Once you get permission, it only remains for us to start building the investments, and then just enjoy relaxation in beautiful surroundings.

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