Brushes for cleaning clothes

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The stores have a very wide selection of brushes for cleaning clothes.


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The top of the brush is easily rotated, so that the hair in the brush are arranged in such a way, that they are directed in a particular way. The reversal of the top of the brush, makes it possible to clean the clothes with right or left hand, and  always against the hair. Recent fashionable tool is a brush roll with adhesive clean sticker. A brush made of high quality suede can be used for the materials and products covered with various contaminants, such as dust, hair, dandruff . Brush rolls with adhesive sticker are comfortable and very strong .

Brushes with velor can be used while traveling they can perfectly and quickly clean small surfaces. They are in comfortable shapes, what makes them fit in a handbag. You can clean carpets, coats, jackets, skirts, hats, scarves from animal hair and other dirt. Specialists believe that brushing clothes can extend their good condition.

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