Beauty Diet

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Few people know that there is one diet, by which we are able to improve the care of our nails, skin and hair, and even fewer people are choosing to use it regularly, but this diet does not belong to the most demanding.

Beauty Diet

Meanwhile, our way of life, bad and irregular meals, enough sleep – all have a negative impact on our body, which can later be read literally in our face, gray and tired, without flash in the eye and a lot of fati hair. Long-term beauty diet can give us about 1 pound less weight per week, though of course the exact condition are dependent on a particular person weight loss.

The base here is amount of 1600 calories, the amount which we should not exceed if we want that our diet be effective. This is not a very strict diet, which can be recommended to almost everyone, with obvious exceptions such as for women who are pregnant or women during breast-feeding period, the additional plus of this diet is that it provides a large amount of vitamins which are needed by our bodies, by this fact supplementation becomes unnecessary.

Every day you should eat three meals, consisting of a light breakfast, two-course lunch and dinner, during which the best bet for large amounts of vegetables, such as salads. For drinking during beauty diet are recommended freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables juices, as well as with any diet, non-carbonated mineral water.

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