Beautiful New Year’s Eve hairstyles for short hair

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Beauty

Ladies with short hair will not have as many opportunities to create various hairstyles as long-haired ladies, however,  even with the shorter hair can get beautiful hair style for New Year’s Eve. Here are some of the most  interesting examples of them.

Jonathan Kos-Read / photo on flickr

Jonathan Kos-Read / photo on flickr

If your hair go back to the neck or shoulders, and you have  simple bangs, very trendy hairstyle for you will be styling hair for Cleopatra. Just treat the locks with thermal protection product, and then very carefully straighten them, so  each hair strand was straight as a wire. Then spray the hair with a shimmering  product. This ideal New Year’s Eve hairstyle will be complemented by the strong make-up style like Cleopatra.

If instead of having a super smooth hair, you prefer a little disorder, that will be also a good idea for New Year’s styling. In fact, the “artistic mess”,  must bearranged in a right way so that the hair will present well. Buy good cosmetics that will allow you to fully control your hair, without making it heavy and sticky. Such a right product may be for example, wax. Just spread a small amount on your hair and tousle it, and then gently put it together. You can also do a mohawk on your head, which can be a great hairstyle New Year’s Eve.

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