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Cracked heels are a serious problem of many women. In the summer it looks unattractive, they hurt, they are burning and red. If the heel are cracked, you can soak them in warm slurry made ​​of flax-seed. This procedure must be done every day for a week.

BellaLago / photo on flickr

BellaLago / photo on flickr

Skin which is cracked on the heels can be removed from them during a warm bath by adding a few drops of essential oil bath, and a few tablespoons of salt bath. Old, cracked skin, if there is no bleeding and there’s no deep wounds can be removed with a special brush with synthetic fibers for massaging the feet. Cracked skin can be also removed from the feet, through applying on them young plantain leaves, thoroughly washed.

Plantain needs to be applied on heels for night before going to bed and cotton socks should be putted on. Wrap with petroleum jelly works very well on cracked skin of the feet , same as rubbing feet with fatty cream or taking bath in oil. To prepare the oil bath a small bowl of hot water is needed, into which we pour 9 tablespoons of oil of olives, which is great to nourish and grease tired skin of the cracked feet.

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