Avocado mask for dry skin

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Many girls and women complain that their skin is dry and irritated.


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Recipe for avocado mask for dry skin

To prepare an avocado mask you will need the following ingredients:
one large avocado,
a few drops of olive oil
four teaspoons of double cream,
one tablespoon of natural honey,
one banana.

How to use mask

Wash the avocado and banana thoroughly under running water, then peel them. Mash the peeled fruit thoroughly with a fork on a plate to form a homogeneous mass. Add a few drops weight of olive oil, one tablespoon of honey, and four teaspoons of double cream to the substance. Then thoroughly mix it together. Avocados contain essential unsaturated fatty acids, which soften the skin and keep it moisten. Oil added to the crushed avocado will help in getting the right consistency of the mask, as well as provide the skin with necessary vitamins. The finished mask should be applied to the face and left for 30 minutes. Then wash the mask thoroughly with warm, preferably boiled water. Finally, apply a gentle moisturizing cream on your face. Avocado face mask is perfect for dry skin because it contains a lot of vitamins and has a moisturizing effect.

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