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The mountains are near the sea and the lake one of most popular holiday trips and excursions. It is good to have a house in the mountains, not just to have a place to spend the few days off, but also in order to treat it as an investment and rent out to tourists. How to do it so we would have it paid off?

ecstaticist / photo on flickr

ecstaticist / photo on flickr

The most important mountains in real estate is that they are quite close to the ski lifts or popular routes. Also, the location near basins such options may be desirable, but far more appreciated is its proximity to trails and lifts. Additionally, the location are important roads and access to the station or airport, the same arrival and accommodation were not difficult.

In addition, the important properties are the so-called media and equipment. It is good when access to water, electricity and heating is seamless. Not to mention such important elements as even gas or electric stove that will cook basic meals. It is also nice to have something to bad weather and equip a room in even a TV. Also connected to the Internet is becoming increasingly important, especially for people who need to keep in touch with work and have a laptop at the ready.

Tourist apartment, if you want to hire someone they should be primarily functional. It is important that planning is good. It’s not a house where we spend most of the day. Apartment in the mountains is likely to be a base where we sleep and eat meals, and even then not always. For this reason, the rooms can be reduced in exchange for room and more people and a larger living room.

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