Atkins Diet

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This is the type of diet, which consists of the composition meals, fats were linked to proteins, and sugars are avoided at all costs.

Such diet on the one hand provides good results in the form of kits quite easily kilograms, on the other hand, doctors speak about it negatively, due to the adverse effect on the body, for example, because bearing protein and fat eaten can very adversely affect the operation of our kidneys, as well as acidify the body, in addition to the diet contraindications are hypertension, atherosclerosis in the blood vessels and the high levels of “bad” cholesterol fractions.

The Atkins Diet is divided in 4 steps, first is consists in avoiding breads and cereal products, do not eat vegetables containing starch, also do not take caffeine. The second step is to join a diet of vegetables, but still with the base consisting of fats and proteins. The next two stages involve the gradual and attaching greater amounts of carbohydrates in the diet. The whole time with and between meals we have to drink non-carbonated mineral water, we can also allow for a small amount of unsweetened tea.

During this diet from time to time we should be under medical supervision because acidification is bad for the state of your teeth and can lead to tooth decay and result in shortages of magnesia usually arrhythmias, there are serious consequences such as atherosclerosis and mentioned possible kidney problems.

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