Anti-constipation diet

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Constipation in simple words means infrequent defecation, which in turn can lead to serious health problems. Our way of life, an eternal being in a hurry, eating at irregular hours, as well as excessive use of junk food, and the fact that we too rarely compose meals high in fiber-rich vegetables may cause results in the form of just constipation.

Anti-constipation diet

We can deal with them with the help of pharmaceuticals, but definitely better is properly chosen diet because it treats not only the effects but also the causes. If we suffer from serious constipation and they decrease our quality of life, diet should be quite harsh and eliminate from our menu even products such as pâté, all fatty meats and meat such as lamb, pork, game, and poultry, ducks and geese.

We shouldn’t also eat too much egg yolks, milk and dairy products, like white bread, cakes and sweets. It is essential to say goodbye to junk food and all the dishes rich with butter and salt. Instead, we should focus on our diet enriched with such things as fruit compotes and desserts, in general, fruits and vegetables should be a very important part of our menu.

The things which are also recommended are: cooked meat or meat cooked in a steamer, soup cooked with greens broth, or any kind of vegetable soups. The spices we we should like, for example, bay leaf, allspice, vanilla and cinnamon.

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