Anti-cellulite diet

Posted: December 15th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Orange peel is a problem that affects the majority of women, it is estimated that problems with it have got up to 80% of all women on the planet.

Not all of them have enough money to afford expensive treatments for eliminating this annoying problem, but they are also not without a chance, since there is a special diet, which does support the elimination of cellulite has been scientifically confirmed.

The basis of this diet is to dispense with salted foods, as salt in a great way in our body stops both water and toxins in its replacement is much better to use herbs, such as basil, tarragon, oregano, as well as garlic. The basis of the menu should be a dish of lean meat, poultry, fish, and lean dairy, it should also find a lot of fresh and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Avoid the need to fry, especially in deep fat and serving fat cream sauces with meat. The ideal thing is using a steamer.

To combat cellulite we will need large quantities of grapefruit that truly affect the production of collagen, as well as all that is rich in potassium, which works against swelling, so be sure to like and eat large quantities of lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes . It is necessary to reduce or completely stop eating sweets and drinking alcohol, avoiding spicy foods, especially those which are spicy and we have to say goodbye to all dishes from the range of so-called fast-food dishes.

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