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Persons wishing to provide the insurance coverage and payment of money after a certain time should choose a product that is a hybrid policy which is protective of pension and life insurance scheme.

christian.senger / photo on flickr

christian.senger / photo on flickr

It’s kind of a combination of life insurance and policy-deposits. By paying the money, put aside a specified amount, which is collected on our account and invested. Using policies, we are insured in case of death, and if we do not happen to a certain point (ex. retirement) we will receive payment of funds collected by us, usually in monthly installments, which, combined with a pension from Social Security will provide us with decent living conditions. If  death of the insured is the cause of an accident, in addition to the funds raised, it will be paid by the insured on the bill.

Pension for this type of insurance is paid for life. So if we live long, you can get much more money than paid. It is a big difference compared to saving through policy-term deposits and bank savings products, as collected by their agents may just end. Amount of  pension is determined at the time of signing the contract. It can be slightly changed, but rather in our favor. At its height is affected, additional premiums paid by us or exceptionally successful investments made by the insurance company. Annuity insurance is a policy for a very long time. The longer it is, the more money you collect, so you should start to think about the insurance early.

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