Accidents on snow – who is responsible?

Posted: September 9th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Poland is a country where winter can be quite long. Not every winter we have thick snow cover, but even if it is not just the snow, it can be expected that the surface of the streets and sidewalks will be slippery.

Beaulawrence / photo on flickr

Beaulawrence / photo on flickr

Slipperiness is quite often associated with accidents, which can even result in serious injuries. What do you do in this situation, and who is responsible for removing snow from the sidewalk in front of house? It is the responsibility of the manager or owner.. After the fall, the police or the city guard should be asked for a statement that the incident occurred in a particular place and that the surface was actually in a condition that lead to this. We must remember that we have to prove that the event occurred at a particular location and that we need to have the evidence.

So let’s take a photo, even with a mobile phone, of the place where the event occurred. In addition, search for witnesses if such are present. Keep in mind there are two other things. First, the effects of the fall may not be visible right away and we can start to feel the pain much, much later. Secondly, we need to document all the medical expenses and referrals to the doctor, because only on this basis can we claim reimbursement.


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