Accidents at work – common mistakes of employers.

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Accidents at work is unfortunately something we have to expect and we have to be careful. The effects of such accidents can be diminished by the insurance policy, health and safety regulations and safety standards. Unfortunately, they are not always followed .

nickwheeleroz / photo on flickr

nickwheeleroz / photo on flickr

What are the most common mistakes of employers and managers that can lead to unfortunate events? It turns out that there are quite a lot. Just start from the warehouse, where setting the pace of work is often so large that the management is silent on massive fraud of security issues. Forklifts often rush or drive without seeing the road. Often there is no mention of any behavior safety standards because it may cause a slower and less efficient operation. More often, we are dealing with moving heavy and oversized items that simply cannot grasp as to move them from place to place without compromising our spine injury. You can move 10, 20 or 30 such objects and nothing bad will happen, but for 31st we can be have a bad luck. Let us remember that it is responsibility of the employer to provide us with a greater number of staff, appropriate crane or forklift.

Equally, we can get unprotected machines and wiring, as well as homemade repair of industrial equipment. It is a serious breach of security and can lead to serious injuries. We should not work on this equipment, as well as obvious breach of the standards should absolutely be reported to the authorities. Employers will do a lot to save. You should not turn away and put up with everything, and if someone puts your health at risk, you should always report it.

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